Friday, February 27, 2009

New Coupon Idea

My co-worker, Debbie, and I were able to go to a program last night sponsered by Visiting Nurse Services. They offered dinner and a program about couponing. I went into it thinking "Okay, at least I am getting a free dinner. What could they possibly teach me that I don't already know?". Bad, huh?

I did learn one trick that I am excited to try. After getting multiple coupon inserts from the Sunday paper, instead of cutting each one out individually, they seperate the pages in stacks, staple the coupons and then cut. Your coupons are stapled together neatly and orderly and when you find a great deal, you don't have to rifle through all your coupons to pull them out. I love it. I hope that was clear, somehow it seems a little confusing when I type it out. I will take some pictures this weekend when I do mine and post them.

One other thing it did for me was get me interested in participating in the Walgreens rebate program. I stopped this morning on my way to work and paid $45 oop after coupons and will receive $39 in a rebate card. Not bad!

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