Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old Spice Red Zone Sample

Go here to get a free sample of Old Spice Red Zone body wash. Walmart samples are the best! They come really quickly and I like to save them to take camping with us. Cuts down on space!

Free 3 Scoop Sundae at Friendly's!

Go here to sign up for Friendly's BFF club and receive a free 3 scoop sundae offer by email! I can't wait!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Free Redbox Code

HG7W56 till midnight.

Coupon Tips

This is an email that I sent to a friend a couple of weeks ago:

First, I get my coupons from several places. The Sunday paper, Internet sites like, and I just recently found a new site called that you can buy multiples of the specific coupons that you want for just cents. They don't gouge you on shipping, my last order was only .42 to ship with a small handling fee.

If the coupons are particularly good one week, you may want to consider buying multiple papers.

Also, try to get a paper from the nearest "big" city. Those paper seem to have better coupons than the smaller market papers.

Get your coupons organized. I used to use the binder method, but a few months ago I went to a wire mesh file box I found at Target. I bought index cards for dividers and tabs to separate the categories. I will take a pictures of it and send it to you.

One of the hugest ways I find out about deals out there is to follow different money saving blogs on my Google Reader. Are you familiar with the Google Reader? It is wonderful. I used to just keep all the blogs I liked in my favorite places. It got so time consuming to keep checking them to see if there were any updates. This "houses" all the blogs I like and then when I go to my Google reader, it shows me all the new entries.

As far as stores go, I will say that I think Kmart is a waste of time. UNLESS they have the double coupon days. Then it is worth my time. Any other time, I don't bother. Their prices are just way too high.

This website is great for finding blogs detailing specific stores deals.

Walmart is good because they price match. Here is an example that I had. One local store that I frequent doesn't take Internet coupons, but WM does. I took my ad from the local ad and my Internet coupon and WM matched the price and I got the money off from my coupon.

Hope this helps some. If you have any other question, don't hesitate to ask. This is one of my favorite subjects!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NEO Marcs 3/17

Just a few things I think look good this week:

8lb bag of seedless oranges - $3.99
Ambrosia apples - .99lb
Lysol Deep Reaching toliet bowl cleaner - $2.39 (use .50/1) = $1.89 or (use .75/1) = $1.64
Lysol bathroom cleaner - $2.59 (use .75/1) = $1.84
Lysol 4 in 1 cleaner - $2.39 (use .50/1) = $1.89
Glade Plug In scented oil warmer - .89 each
Renuzit super order neutralizer - $1.99 (use $1/1) = .99
Renuzit Adjustables - .99 (use .55/3) = $2.42 or .80 each

Not a whole lot, but enough to get your house clean, smelling good and to get some good fruit in you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Diet Pepsi Coupon

Diet Pepsi

This is for a buy 2 get 1 free coupon. Make sure to hit the back button on your browser to print out 2. Pop coupons are pretty rare, so get it while the gettin's good!

$2.00 Snuggle Creme Liquid Fabric Softener Coupon


Free Redbox Code

Free Redbox code for today is: 2gr4n8 (expires at midnight).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CVS 3/1 - 3/7

I only have a couple CVS things to do this week, as I used all my ECB's last week and I need to start rebuilding them.

Act Total Care trial size - .99 (receive .99 back in ECB's)
Carnation instant breakfast $4.99 (use .75 from All You) = $4.24 (receive $4.99 back in ECB's)
Dawn dish liquid - .97 each (use .50 from RIGHT AT HOME mailer) = .47

Total before tax will be around $6.20 and I will receive back $5.98 in ECB's to roll into next week.

Walgreens 3/1-3/7

What I am going for at Wags this week:

2 Hershey Kisses after $3.00 easy saver and 2/$2.00 = $1.00 each
Reach toothbrush after in ad coupon & $1.00 coupon = FREE
Sambucol $10.00 easy saver coupon and $4.00 coupon here = FREE with a $1.01 overage

My total, before tax, should be around $1.00 (if they give me the overage). If not, around $2.00.

I am waiting a few weeks to do the FAR (Free after rebates) for the month of March. I have $39.00 coming to me on a gift card for my February FAR's and I will just put them on there. Loving this rebate program! Last month I got Revlon lipgloss, concealer, hair gel and some other stuff for FREE or next to nothing.

Worth checking out!

NEO Marcs 3/3

Dairymens Milk gallon jugs - $1.99 (limit 4)
Hershey Bliss -$2.99 (use $1/1) = $1.99
Hillandale butter quarters - 3/$5 or $1.66 each
Knorr veg. mix - $1.29 (use .50/1) = .79
Fuji apples - .69lb
lemons - 4/$2.00
grapefruit - 4/$2.00
Dole iceberg lettuce or cole slaw - .99
strawberries - 2/$4.00
Simply Orange - 2/$5.98 (use .55) = $2.44 each**
Ortega taco seasoning - 3/$2.00 (use .75/2) = .58 or .28 each
Oretega white taco shells - 2/$3.00 (use .75/2) = $2.25 or $1.12 each

**One side note: Marcs doesn't take internet coupons, but Wal-Mart does. And WM price matches. Take your Marcs add to WM, with
this coupon for $1.00 off Simply Orange and you will get it for $1.99!