Sunday, May 3, 2009


So, last week it was said that Kmart was having their super doubles again. Then it was said it was only up to .75 (not worth my time). Then it was said that that was a misprint and it was up to $2.00. I called my local store today and they said it was only up to .75. On a hunch, I stopped by the local store on my way home tonight and in the front, near the customer service desk, was a paper stating that the .75 was INDEED a misprint and that they were doubling up to $2.00. Awesome!

SO! Here are some match ups. I would suggest you call your local store or even stop by if you have a minute to see if they are doubling and up to what price.

Go see STL Mommy and Common Sense With Money for some great match ups.

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