Saturday, August 29, 2009

Don't Forget Kmart!

The Super Double Event starts tomorrow at Kmart. I would advise calling your local Kmart and seeing if they are participating. Also, according to The Cherry Picker, this is the last event for this year. So get your coupons together and GET TO KMART this week! Also, the printable internet coupons will be reseting on Tuesday, so make sure to print off any you haven't printed this month.

Here are some helpful sites for Kmart planning:

Abundant Food Savings
My Frugal Adventures
Its Hip 2 Save
Common Sense With Money
My Price Savings
Living Within The Limits

Look on the back of the Kmart circular tomorrow, there should be a $5/$50 coupon there.

Good luck and let me know what deals you get!!

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