Monday, January 11, 2010

A Word of Warning on the Cereal Deal

I stopped by Kmart today to get in on the cereal deal that I previously told you about. I got 8 boxes, had coupons to match all of them and checked out. My total came to $9.70. It didn't seem right, but I just went out to my car. Once there, I reviewed my receipt and realized that they only gave me 4 boxes at $1.50 and 4 were at $2.50. I marched back in, determined to get my $4.00 back. I spoke to a nice woman at customer service and she called a manager. She told her she wasn't sure why it didn't ring up right, but to refund 4 and then give me 4 at $1.50 each. Another manager then came over and showed us a sign that is in front of the cereal that states only 4 boxes per order would come up at that price. There was NOTHING in the sale ad about this. Had I realized, I would have done 2 orders and had no problems. Anyway, in the end, the nice customer service woman was so confused on what to do, I was still shorted $2.00. But I had already spent way more time than I had planned in there, so I told her I wasn't going to argue over $2.00 and left.

SO! Be aware that if you have enough coupons to do more than 4, split it up into seperate orders. Also, you have to buy 4 in order to get the 4/$6 price otherwise they are $2.50 each.

Good Luck!

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