Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are You a Member of VocalPoint?

If not, you need to be!

Vocalpoint is a community of moms who...

  • Love talking to other people
  • Get energized when they are asked for their opinions
  • Like searching for new knowledge and sharing it with others
  • Enjoy making a difference in people's lives

Tell it to us straight

  • We want to know what you think. Really.
  • Just take our short surveys to tell us what you like, what you dislike, etc and we'll use that info to help shape future newsletters, tailor the offers we send your way, let the brands know what you thought about their products and everything in between.

Say "hello" and then some

  • Keep an eye out for an invitation to participate in one of our Focus Groups.
  • It's a chance for you to get a little face time with the people behind Vocalpoint and meet other members.
  • And it's a great opportunity to give us your feedback on what you liked, what you'd do differently, etc. while making a few extra bucks in the process.

Look for newsletters in your inbox once a week.

  • These little gems are full of great info on the latest products and clever tips on turning some of the oldies into goodies.
  • Plus, you can see what other moms are talking about and jump right into the conversation.

Vocalpoint.com is where it all happens. 24/7.

Just log in to access every current activity, join in any of the dozens of message board conversations, catch up on surveys you may have missed and read through articles that give you great ideas on how to make your life – and the lives of the people you care about – easier.

ust recently, our members:

Venus Breeze LogoGot a sample of the Venus Breeze razor to see firsthand if it left their legs feeling so smooth they could skip the lotion. And they helped their friends discover surprising softness too.
Pur Flavors LogoLearned how the delicious strawberry, peach and raspberry flavors of PUR Flavor Options could get their kids to actually ask for water instead of soda. Chose the winning water bottle design that was sent out to all participating members.
Special K LogoShared their own product reviews and ratings to create the Klub 32 Tastemakers Menu – the ultimate guide to the different Special K products that keep diets from getting boring.

Vocalpoint is awesome!  I have received many wonderful coupons and samples over the course of a year.  SIGN UP TODAY!!

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