Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cooking Challenge #2 Results

I got responses this week! You have no idea how happy it makes me!!


My husband and I both liked it, surprisingly, the kids did not.  They are a mystery sometimes.  The only thing I did different was to add some mushrooms in.  I made the mistake of making this on a night when I had to take my son to the doctor AND stop at the store for a few last minute things.  I did boil the whole chicken and if I do this again, I will probably just use chicken breasts or thighs.  Too much time to get the chicken all the way done and even then, I rushed it and it wasn't quite done.  I picked it off the bone and finished it in the fry pan.  We were all STARVING by the time I got this one on the table.  Even then, the boys picked around at it.  Weirdos :)


"Everyone loved the chicken spaghetti! I must admit I made a change, I added a can of Rotel..  The sauce seemed a bit bland so I doctored it a little.  We had about 30 people here."


"I cheated a little on the ingredients. Instead of fresh green pepper, I used a can of ro-tel & decreased the amount of chicken broth. Also, the price of cheese went way up (2.50 a bag & I would have needed 2 bags) so I used 1 pound of off brand velveeta (3.78 a loaf & I only used 1/2). I omitted the pimentos also. It was very tasty! Here are the ratings:
Brian: 9
Me: 8 (Very good, but spicier than I prefer)
Carson (4 yrs.): "Sooo good! The red things are too hot for my tongue." (The ro-tel tomatoes)
Landon (almost 2 yrs.): "Mmmm, I like it."


"I just made this about 2 weeks ago! I wish I had taken pictures. I did leave out the pimentos. I did a search for Chicken Spaghetti, and this recipe came up on her cooking blog. I was cooking for several other people, so I made one pan of this and one pan of baked rotini with a tomato based meat sauce. The chicken spaghetti was excellent, and everyone seemed to really like it. This is definitely a keeper recipe for us! "

THANK YOU to all who participated this week!  Next recipe coming soon......

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