Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cooking Challenge #3 Results

Thanks again to everyone who participated this week!  I am loving this!!


These are my new favorite pancakes.  Light and fluffy and so delicious.  They were a major hit here in this house! I may never go back to Bisquick again!


"Well, they are very thin, but we all thought they were tasty!  They reminded us of french toast, taste wise.  We gave them an 8!"


"We liked the sour cream pancakes. They are very moist and have a different texture than the ones I usually make. I might try adding some fruit or cinnamon next time for a little more flavor."


"This is the first time EVER I have made pancakes & I have to say I am very proud of myself! The boys love when Brian makes pancakes (from a mix) for them, so I knew I had better do a good job!
Brian-8 (He likes them better than the Bisquick mix, but not as much as the Krusteaz mix.)
Me-8 (I'm just not a big pancake eater.)
Carson (4 yrs.)-"I really like them.I like the pancakes better than the eggs & bacon.They taste better than daddy's." (Shhh...don't tell!)
Landon (2 yrs.)-"Mmmm.They're delicious!""

Stayed tuned for the next recipe.......

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