Saturday, April 9, 2011

Freebies, Auto-Fill and Mawmaw

Do you use an auto-fill feature on your browser when filling out information on the internet for free stuff? If you don't, I highly recommend it.  It makes the process painless and satisfying.

Awhile back, while visiting my husbands grandparents in WV, it came up about this blog and how Mawmaw didn't have a computer or access to a computer.  It got me to thinking when we got back and I put Mawmaw's information on my auto-fill.  Now, when I sign up for a free sample, I sign her up for one too.  I get tickled pink when she calls me up and tells me about all the stuff she is getting in the mail.  

Consider putting someone on your auto-fill that may not have access to a computer.  You may just make their day!

1 comment:

Lisa Sullivan said...

She always tells me about all the great stuff she gets because of you! I love Mawmaw! Great idea.