Saturday, February 12, 2011

Checking In

Okay, so the second half of the week was kind of a failure for me.  I work 2 days a week and taking on any big projects on those days just is not going to happen.  Back on track Monday!!

Last weekend I posted a survey about what to do next.  100% voted for a cooking challenge.  So my question to you is what kind of challenge?  I am either thinking about cooking our way through a book or just random recipe.  Which would you prefer?  If we went with the book idea, I am leaning toward The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I love this book and there are so many great recipes in it and a lot I still haven't tried.  If we go toward random recipes, I have a stack of recipes a mountain high that we could wade through.  Also, we need to decide how often to do this.  Once a week? Twice a week?  I REALLY need your opinions and input!

Looking forward to cooking with you!

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