Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 3 ~ The Tupperware Cabinet

Day: 3
Challenge: The Tupperware Cabinet

I am taking direction for the next 21 days from A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Today my challenge for you is to organize your tupperware cabinets.  This may be a cabinet where you hold your mixing bowls, leftover containers, baking dishes, and everything in between (not just tupperware).  You do NOT have to organize more than one cabinet today (unless you want to).

Here's the challenge...

1.  Take a picture of the chaos!

2.  Empty it out (onto the floor or counter). Grab your favorite cleaner and wipe out the dust and grime.

3.  Stand back and look at all you have accumilated and kiss A LOT of it goodbye, because...

4.  YOU DONT USE HALF OF IT!  So,  start purging into the donation station or trash.

5. Once you have gone through and separated, now you can start categorizing... like items with like items.

6.  Organizing bins or baskets are a great tool in this cabinet to keep the chaos under control. Keep that in mind, so go find some.

7. Now you can put everything back. I'm so proud of you! Look how "neat" it looks.

8. Your finished.  Take a picture and hurry back to show us your beautiful cabinets!

I don't really keep nice "tupperware".  I send a lot of it to work with my husband and it seems to disappear.  So I use Gladware/Ziploc containers or the kind you get from lunchmeat.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing/hearing about your progress!

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