Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 4 ~ The Linen Closet

Day: 4
Challenge: The Linen Closet

I am taking direction for the next 21 days from A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Today we are organizing the linen closet.  This will also be a day of purging. (I know you don't use everything in that closet!) I cant wait to see all of your before pictures, becuause I know what mine looked like and it wasn't pretty!! If you don't have a linen closet, you can organize the area where you keep your bedding stored. So...

Here's the challenge

1. Take your before picture!

2. Yank EVERYTHING out of there... I mean everything.

3. Now, sweep or vaccuum the floor & wipe down the shelving.

4. Get all of your boxes (keep, toss, donate) & start sorting.  

5. If you have baskets and bins, this is a great place to use them. Place your bins/baskets on the shelving and start organizing

6. Categorize everything. ie. Twin, full, queen, king, pillowcases, handtowels, washcloths, etc... Remember to only keep what you USE!  I only kept 2 sets of sheets for each bed.

7. Is your donation box getting full yet?? Remember at the end of this week we will take all donations to goodwill or store them for your spring garage sale.

8. Your finished!!  Now take your after picture and get your tush back here to show us your pretty linen closet.

I am actually excited about this challenge!  We live in an older, smaller home that does not have many closets, so no linen closet.  In our bedroom, we put built in cabinets for closets.  The middle closet was basically just wasted space.  My sweet husband made shelves out of some recycled material we had and I am going to store linens in there!

Sad and pathetic as it is, my sheet and blanket situation up until this point was just wash as needed and store the dirty ones in the basement.  NO MORE!!

  Good luck!

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