Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 2 ~ The Computer Desk

Day: 2
Challenge: The computer desk

I am taking direction for the next 21 days from A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Today my challenge is for you to clear off, clean up, and organize the top of your computer desk... or whatever desk you have. If your computer isn't on a desk, than clear off the area where it lives. If your desk is already cleaned & organized... find another surface.  No matter what, keep organizing.  It takes 21 days to form a habit. Im training you to become an organized person!  ;)

1.  Take a picture of the area.

2. Completely remove everything from the surface. (This challenge is only for the top of the desk).

3.. Now, get your cleaners or polish (of course, I recommend Shaklee) and start scrubbing or dusting it off. I want it to shine!

4. Get your three bins (keep, toss, and donate) & start separating.  This task may seem daunting to those who love the paper clutter! I want you to go through every piece of paper.  If you don't need it, toss it! You dont need to keep utility bills that you paid 6 months ago or 6 weeks ago! Bye bye clutter.

5. You finally have everything separated. Now you can put it all where it goes. If it doesnt go on the desk, please don't put it there.  Remember we are only concentrating on the desk top today. Once your desk is cleared of the clutter, you will feel so much better while you are there. Try your best to keep this area clean.  You spend a lot of time here (if you're a blogger).

6.  If you have them, use as many organizing tools as you can. I purchased some drawers to put all of my office supplies in.  And, use your labeler. Its so easy to find what I need.

7.  Your finished!  Now, get the camera and take a picture of your hard work & come back here to this post and share. Way to go!

I don't really have a computer desk anymore.  Once we got rid of the desktop and went to just a laptop, I tend to just keep it in the living room or the kitchen.  Lately, because my printer is in my bay window, I have had the laptop on the kitchen table.  It has become quite the catch-all and not very pleasing to the eye.

Isn't that sad and depressing?  My purse, coupon binder, junk mail, menu calendar, free Tide samples etc....
What a mess.  Today I will figure out how to make this better.  I still have a desk upstairs that could serve.  That room is a spare and another catch-all (project for another day :)).  I might try to utilize that area.  It would serve two purposes.  One would get all of this stuff off my table and two would limit my computer time.

Anxious to see/hear about your progresses.  Please send me your pictures, if you are comfortable with that.  If you aren't, please just email and let me know your progress.  I would love to share it!

Good luck!

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