Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 5 ~ Under The Kitchen Sink

Day: 5
Challenge: Under the kitchen sink

I am taking direction for the next 21 days from A Bowl Full of Lemons.

1. Take a picture of the mess! :)

2. Take everything out of the cabinet... EVERYTHING! (Are you starting to learn the habit? Thats great!)

3.  Wash it down really well & lay some contact paper (if you have some).  Its very inexpensive to purchase... under $6.00 at target and well worth every penny. 

4. Purge, purge, purge!!!  I'm positive that a lot of you have some near empty bottles in there.  Throw them out. They are just taking up space. 

5. Get your organizing bins and place some of them in this space.  They work great here.

6. Now categorize like I did.  Like items with like items.  Cleaning tools, soaps, rags, etc. 

7.  That wasn't hard,was it?  You are finished!  Now take a picture and hurry back to show us all how hard you worked today. Great job!

Yikes.  I am going to Walmart after work today for some contact paper and some bins to organize.  I have cleaned this area out quite a few times and it keeps ending up like this.  Something isn't working.

Good luck!

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